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The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live Fighting Game Announced

"The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live" fighting game was announced to be available to download in Japan on PlayStation Network on February 12, 2015 for 2000 yen and on Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 17, 2015 for 1700 Microsoft Points.

"The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live" is a compilation of two of the most popular idol franchises of the 21st Century. "The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live" is jam-packed with The Idolm@ster and Love Live fan-favorite characters and crazy, beloved gameplay that throws a powerful punch.

"The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live" offers both the one-on-one gameplay with its unique Infinity Love Gem system and the two-on-two carnage, featuring a tag system, assists, and the wild Duo Team Attack. Bringing forth a host of features never before seen in these games, "The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live" adds GGPO-enhanced online play with 8-player lobbies and spectator mode, HD graphical upgrades, dynamic challenges and replay saving.

Check out a full gallery of new screenshots from “The Idolm@ster vs. Love Live” soon®, and stay tuned to for even more news and features in the coming weeks!

(Source: deshaun-watson)

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